As Long As You Love Me


Chief Photographer | Ken.C (VID STUDIO)

Makeup Artist & Hair Style | Ammy. Y (VID STUDIO)

Actually, many clients asked, if they want to take a good photo, what the best options are for them, the dress, the necklace, the right place, or even some of other props. I have just wanted to say there is nothing important, but your interactive feeling and faithful emotion.
Since such a long time VID STUDIO operation, our daily work is to do subtraction, subtracting the tedious decoration, thick makeup, throw away all worldly possessions, but only bring your love, pick up a rose, shuttling in the crowd, go wherever you want to go and capture this simple but true scene. No matter how long time is going on, 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years later, they would still remember the scene was real and outpouring of emotion, which is the true meaning of photography.
If after a few years, he did really remember her smile and unforgettable elegance, what a happy thing is!

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