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We capture the decisive moments in your life. You have many great stories, and we know how important we are to you. As photographers, we enjoy witnessing those important moments and documenting them through our lenses. We challenge ourselves to a high standard of quality and to innovate every day as much as possible. We regard everything we do as our own personal art which is why we continue to push ourselves and our craft. We are here to tell your stories. We record your life's story and the love between you and your family and friends. Your delighted smile is the goal we strive for. 

Life is a beautiful ride.

About Us

At VID STUDIO, we help you to capture moments since 2012. The meaning of "VID" is Very Important Day, which is what we strive to capture for you. We specialize in photography as well as videography for pre-wedding, engagements, weddings, maternity, portraits, children and all types of events. VID STUDIO travels around the world to capture the perfect moment for all kinds of amazing people. We use photos and video to tell your stories, your special moments, and of course, your very important day. 

And the adventure begins.

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"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

- Ralph Hattersley -


Wedding photography is all about finding the right moment. These moments need to be natural yet created at the same time. The snippets of your wedding day will forever be remembered through our lenses. We hope that the photos will make you smile no matter when you look back at them.


Besides having a wedding, the best way to commemorate an engagement is by having a photo shoot. You can have more intimate one-on-one moments with your loved one in a casual setting. To make it even more memorable, you can choose a place where there is a significance in your relationship.



Wedding Videography talks about the story of your wedding. We help you to capture the feelings, emotions, and random moments. You get to reminisce and relive all these moments that happened during your wedding day.  We also produce short films where we record the love story between you and your loved one.

"We are here to tell your stories. "

"We capture the decisive moments in your life."

"Be Passionate, Spread Love."



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